About Us


We love helping our clients chase opportunities. We specialize in finding the best business and community opportunities for our clients....and making sure they don't miss any. 

We believe that the key to health and growth in business and life is to understand what you do best, along with your limitations. And for the past 20 years, we've been helping businesses and communities build granular understanding and realize their best opportunities...and make sure they don't miss any. The power and accuracy of our analysis comes from building and reconciling supply and demand at a detailed and actionable level. 

How do you ensure that you’re going after the best opportunities as opposed to just average ones? Should you (1) prioritize looking for new customers like the best ones they have, or (2) focus on making sure you retain the customers you have, or (3) focus on turning ordinary ones into better ones. The simple answer is that you can’t know without employing analytics both inside and outside of your customer database. We specialize in the science of measuring business performance and looking for new customers.

Our Analytical Values

  1. Internal Against External: We belief that the true test of business performance is to measure your internal sales & costs against your external market. But in order to accurately measure the external market, you must include both supply and demand to account for a diverse market place. This means that trade areas can't be developed in isolation because they need to measure leakages and surpluses as a result of consumer purchases across a variety of trade areas. It why we've developed our own proprietary layered trade area algorithm and it's also what rules out conventional methods. See the Paradox of Business Intelligence.
  2. Big Data Context: We believe that analytics should be about measuring and finding the best opportunities...not just good ones. This requires the effective comparison and ranking of all opportunities...not just the few we see in front of us. See our National Market Potential Model.
  3. Measuring at a Detailed Level: Detail exposes hidden performance and granular market potential. Insight that is often lost when data is aggregated. 
  4. Simple Deliver: We believe analytics should be delivered simply in visual dashboards for dynamic data exploration, discovery and sharing. In a dynamically updated repository that literally builds intelligence over time...unlike static spreadsheets. We like to combine geographic mapping with S&D analytics for exploring, funneling down opportunities, and sharing the best stories. We deliver our analytics using Tableau software.


Gary Warkentine

 Gary Warkentine is the founder and principal of Exceed Analysis. He is a multi-disciplined applied economist who specializes in location related and market analytics...using spatial supply and demand analysis to measure the performance and finding the best opportunities in business and agribusiness. He has extensive experience in solving complex economic problems using statistics, mathematics and economic models. In the mid-1990s, he pioneered the development of a new spatial optimization framework and GIS modeling process for site selection and network planning. Gary has a Masters degree in Agriculture Economics from the  University of Manitoba. Gary@ExceedAnalysis.com

Keith Fortowsky

 Keith Fortowsky is the Chief Technologist/Data Architect at Exceed Analysis. Keith is an Applied Economist (MSc, University of Minnesota) and Computer Systems Analyst. Keith’s professional interests focus upon tools, practices, and strategies to support knowledge-based innovation –  starting with the data, but always with the ultimate aim of supporting managers’ evidence-based “strategic conversation”. Keith is currently  Coordinator, Institutional Research at the University of Regina  (Canada). In this role he develops, maintains, and disseminates  “institutional statistics”: the corporate-level record of performance at  the University of Regina. Prior to his current position, Keith worked for 20 years in transportation and agricultural research and policy positions, including positions with government and an international engineering consultancy. Much of this work involved development of data systems to support policy analysis. Keith was one of Gary’s early and most enthusiastic clients. Since he couldn’t afford to “buy the company” he has happily settled for becoming an integral part of its advancement.