Grain Handling Supply & Demand

This analysis reconciles all publicly available data (Statistics Canada and Canadian Grain Commission) to provide a complete supply & demand picture by major crop and by grain handling trade area in western Canada. This allows us to evaluate grain procurement strategies and industry performance by trade area including surplus and deficit inter-trade area trucking flows. It's a level of detail and accuracy conventional analytic methods simply can't match. 

Grain Handling Site Selection

Our site selection analysis works inside an optimization framework that guarantees we find the best grain procurement opportunities in western Canada. The process uses our proprietary spatial trade area model which is  based on freight rates & incentives, and the road network. We then complete a supply and demand analysis for each individual crop which allows us to estimate and rank market potential by trade area. It's a level of detail and accuracy conventional methods simply can't match. 

Customer Portfolio Analysis

This analysis is about identifying which customers you should be investing in to ensure you keep them and or turn  them into better customers. Acquiring a new customer is at least five times the cost, on average, of keeping an existing one. Our customer mapping and portfolio analysis is a process that quickly funnels down and identifies which customers you should be focused on. This provides a powerful roadmap for customer relationship management, marketing and business growth strategy.

Crop Input Supply & Demand


This is a complete supply & demand analysis in support of Canadian crop input retailers and wholesalers to evaluate performance, marketing and capital expenditure strategies in western Canada. It includes analysis by area for 27 crops and for fertilizer, chemical and seed revenue. Revenue estimates are further split by farm type (grain, beef and other) and farm revenue (<$250k, $250-500k, $500-1,000k, $1,000+). It's a level of detail and accuracy conventional methods simply can't match.  

Crop Input Site Selection

Our best-of-breed location optimization framework guarantees we find the best crop input opportunities in western Canada and that no opportunities are missed. Potential new sites are identified as locations that intersect existing trade area boundaries. New potential sites are evaluated using our proprietary spatial trade area model. This coupled with a complete supply & demand analysis allows us to estimate detailed market potential by farm type and size for existing and new sites.

Growing Your Community Analytics

This is a community analytics video that highlights the importance of choosing appropriate comparable reference communities and the danger of using a provincial average. It shows how Exceed analytics provide the detail and context to find a community's strengths and opportunities...insights that are often hidden using conventional analytics.  

Why layered trade areas

Why layered trade areas will improve your business. Our new layered trade area algorithm brings true location optimization to the real estate industry....the ability to accurately compare all trade areas. We guarantee we will find the best new consumer business opportunities in Canada. For more detail see Location Analytics.

How Layered Trade Areas work

How layered trade areas maximize profits. Our new trade area algorithm uses layers to explain consumer purchase behavior and reconcile the leakages between trade areas, without double counting the population. It can also be easily calibrated against actual sales. This is how we accurately measure market potential and guarantee we find the best business opportunities in Canada. 

This is true location optimization. 

What layered trade areas deliver

 What layered trade areas deliver. How do you know that your business is located to maximize profits? The simple answer is that you can’t know without true location optimization. Layered trade areas deliver a guarantee that you pursue the best consumer business opportunities?