Analytic Overview

Why Exceed?


We love helping our clients chase opportunities. We specialize in finding the best business and community opportunities for our clients....and making sure they don't miss any. The power and accuracy of our analytics comes from our spatial trade area modeling and then building and reconciling a complete supply and demand picture at a detailed and actionable trade area level. Request a demo:

Location Analytics


Our national layered trade area algorithm connects detailed competitor and consumer spend data to find and rank retail business opportunities across Canada that are invisible using conventional methods. Its power comes from the detailed ability to account for both competitors (supply) and mobile consumer (demand) purchase behavior across multiple trade areas. Its accuracy comes from the ability to calibrate and adapt the model with flexible trade areas.

Agriculture Analytics


Our agriculture analytics are designed to help evaluate performance, build strategies and find the very best investment opportunities in grain and crop inputs. The power of our analysis is that we combine and reconcile detailed crop S&D estimates from all public sources with advanced spatial trade area modeling to measure market performance and potential at a granular actionable level.

Community Analytics


Our community analytics are highly visual reports that explore and filter down to what’s limiting potential growth in a community. They compare a community using over 2,500 variables against three custom selected reference community groups. It means our analytics are guaranteed to find a community's strengths and opportunities...insights that are often hidden using conventional analytics. 

Real Estate Analytics


Our custom real estate property reports are based on our new layered trade area algorithm. Its a new level of analytics that measures and funnels down competitor and market size data into a ranking of potential opportunities. The end result is true location intelligence...reports that guarantee our clients find the best opportunities and that none are missed.

Customer Analytics


Customer analytics is about identifying which customers you should be investing in to ensure you keep them and or turn them into better customers. Our customer analysis ranges from a more basis customer portfolio all the way to a customized segmentation and profile analysis. This provides a powerful roadmap for customer relationship management, marketing and growth strategy.

Data and More


As a Manifold Data Mining partner, we offer a full suite of consumer data products, analytics and predictive modeling. They are a leading data provider including: Geo-demographic, household spending, consumer product and media usage, consumer purchase behavior, shopping patterns, psycho-graphic and lifestyle cluster data all created at the 6-digit postal code level.