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Crop Input Supply & Demand

This is a complete supply & demand analysis in support of Canadian crop input retailers and wholesalers to evaluate performance, marketing and capital expenditure strategies in western Canada. It includes analysis by area for 27 crops and for fertilizer, chemical and seed revenue. Revenue estimates are further split by farm type (grain, beef and other) and farm revenue (<$250k, $250-500k, $500-1,000k, $1,000+). It's a level of detail and accuracy conventional methods simply can't match.

Crop Input Site Selection

Our best-of-breed location optimization framework guarantees we find the best crop input opportunities in western Canada and that no opportunities are missed. Potential new sites are identified as locations that intersect existing trade area boundaries. New potential sites are evaluated using our proprietary spatial trade area model. This coupled with a complete supply & demand analysis allows us to estimate detailed market potential by farm type and size for existing and new sites.