Customer Analytics

Customer Segmentation

Customer analytics are built on the fact that acquiring a new customer is at least five times the cost, on average, of keeping an existing one. While location or market analytics looks at the external market and the opportunities and threats, customer analytics only looks at your customer base and asks questions related to retention and what more you can sell them. It's about identifying and evaluating your customer base in order to develop relationships that are profitable and sustainable. Customer segmentation begins the analytics process by making sense of your customer profile information so  that you can prioritize resources. Customer segmentation is at the core of customer analytics because it allows a firm to market to a broader range of consumers by grouping and marketing to each individual group. It also helps you discover who your best customers are, understand them better, and then turn ordinary ones into better ones. Our customer segmentation ranges from a more basis portfolio analysis that simply uses sales percentiles all the way to a customized segmentation and profile analysis based upon geography, demographics, psycho-graphics, lifestyle, product/service and transaction. Note that much of our customer analytics are done by Manifold Data Mining, who specialize in micro demand data and custom consumer predictive analytics. For more information please go to ...or click logo below.

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